Do I still own my business?

Yes. Your business remains 100% yours with our support.

Can I sell my company?

Yes you can. By joining us, you can increase the options available to you. We will work with you to find a solution that works for you and your business.

Is Nectere a franchise/agent?

No, we’re not a franchise or an agent. Whilst you’re able to enjoy economies of scale through Nectere, such as a great price file, world class service and leading back office systems, our aim is to support your business and ensure you maintain your own identity.

Can I take holidays?

At nectere, we encourage holidays! Up to this point, you’ve been running your business and putting in all the hours that you can. After joining nectere, you have a piece of mind knowing that your back office departments are being ran on your behalf.

Do I get to keep all my customers?

Yes, absolutely. Your customers remain yours. You offer the same personal service and you decide what pricing they receive.

Our partner agreement will ensure your customer data is fully protected and you remain sole owner to use such information. We comply with the Data Protection Act and regulations on customer information.

How long does it take to join?

The team at Nectere can respond very quickly to a request to join. You can be enjoying the benefits of increased profit and full support from nectere in a matter of weeks.

Is Nectere a dealer group?

nectere is not a dealer group. We are a services provider. We don’t just support you, we actually do the work for you!

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